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February 23, 2016Tim Rood Discusses Existing-Home Sales
August 21, 2015Loans For Low-Income Buyers
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October 25, 2014Government Loosens Lending
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May 09, 2014Tim Rood Interview with Andrew Wilkow
March 13, 2014Unwinding Fannie & Freddie
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January 20, 2014Housing Hot Spots
January 15, 2014U.S. Housing a ‘Perverted Success Story’: Rood
January 13, 20142014 Housing Market
November 27, 2013CNBC Asia’s “Realty Check”
November 26, 2013US Housing Market is Still “Red Hot,” Rood Says
November 26, 2013Housing Recovery
November 19, 2013What the big guys on Wall Street are buying
November 15, 2013Tim Rood on CNBC’s “Tomorrow in :30” November 14, 2013
November 08, 2013Private Market Assessment
November 04, 2013Is the Housing Market Rebounding?
October 23, 2013Tim Rood on Bloomberg Radio
September 25, 2013Tim Rood on CNBC’s “Tomorrow in :30”
September 23, 2013Wealth Strategies: Post Fed, What’s Next for Housing?
September 20, 2013Is the Gain in U.S. Home Sales Temporary?
August 30, 2013Tim Rood on CNBC’s “Tomorrow in :30”
August 19, 2013Surprise! Detroit among the best housing markets to invest in
July 24, 2013What is Government’s Role in Housing
July 17, 2013Tim Rood on CNBC’s “Tomorrow in :30”
June 26, 2013Is It Time to Do Away With Fannie and Freddie?
June 25, 2013Are We Creating the Next Housing Bubble?
June 12, 2013Fannie, Freddie Shareholders Take On U.S. Govt.
May 23, 2013Tim Rood on CNBC’s Tomorrow In: 30
May 16, 2013May Jobless Claims & Housing Starts
May 12, 2013Obama Names Rep. Watt as Fannie Mae Regulator
May 08, 2013A Sustainable Housing Recovery?
May 02, 2013Obama Names Rep. Watt as Fannie Mae Regulator
April 16, 2013CPI & Housing Starts
April 16, 2013The Fruits of the Fed’s Labor: Mortgage Applications
April 09, 2013How Housing’s Past Is Haunting the Present Market
April 09, 2013How Housing’s Past Is Haunting the Present Market
April 09, 2013How Housing’s Past Is Haunting the Present Market
April 02, 2013Bloomberg: Fannie Mae’s Big Comeback Story
April 02, 2013Bloomberg: Fannie Mae’s Big Comeback Story
March 25, 2013Tim Rood on CNBC’s Tomorrow In :30 – March 2013
March 25, 2013Tim Rood on CNBC’s “Tomorrow In :30” – March 2013
March 05, 2013Sequester or Not Housing Recovery to Bode Well for Employment
March 01, 2013A Housing Riddle: Why did the Homeowner Stop Making their Mortgage Payments?
February 26, 2013Can Housing Recovery Continue Without Government Help?
February 07, 2013Tim Rood on CNBC’s Tomorrow In :30 – February 2013
January 15, 2013Underwriting Standards Likely to Tighten and Negatively Impact Housing Indicators
January 06, 2013The History and Uncertain Future of Fannie Mae
December 20, 2012What do Changes in GDP Mean for the Housing Market Recovery?
November 27, 2012Expect Weakened Confidence in the Winter Months
November 07, 2012Now What? – A Post-Election Analysis of Potential Housing Reform
November 01, 2012Economic Development Shouldn’t Require a Natural Disaster
October 29, 2012Consumer Confidence: Stop Talking About the “Undecided Voter” and Start Talking About The “Disenchanted Consumer”
October 23, 2012Home Prices and What to Expect from the Upcoming Winter Months
October 19, 2012Home Sales on the Rise
October 17, 2012Understanding the Causal Relationships Driving Housing Indicators
October 04, 2012Consumers Still Keeping Us Out of the Red
September 24, 2012Previewing Monthly Home Price Index and New Residential Sales
September 21, 2012Previewing Existing Home Sales, New Residential Sales and Construction Price Indexes
September 21, 2012Previewing the September Employment Situation Report
September 18, 2012Previewing this Week’s Construction and Home Sales Reports
August 02, 2012Previewing the Employment Situation Report
July 27, 2012Previewing Residential Vacancies and Homeownership Data
July 24, 2012Previewing FHFA’s House Price Index
July 16, 2012Previewing this Week’s June Home Sales Reports
May 14, 2012Lackluster NAHB Home Builder Outlook, Despite Record Rates
May 14, 2012Retail Sales Figures and the Refi Plan
May 12, 2011Strategic Default: Inconceivable Assumptions Suddenly Conceivable
May 05, 2011GSE Profitability to Test Conviction of Lawmakers
December 16, 2010Over Engineered Government Housing Aid Still Playing Catch Up
November 24, 2010Excess Housing Inventory Expected to Pressure Home Prices Lower in Winter Months
November 10, 2010Foreclosure Mess Will Trickle Down to Borrowers. “Quality Tax” Looms
November 09, 2010Targeted Housing Investments: Responding to NAR’s Call for Looser Mortgage Credit
October 21, 2010Denationalizing Housing in America. Calling on the Private Sector
October 12, 2010Fixing Core Failings of the Mortgage Industry: Data Quality, Transparency, Auditability
September 29, 2010First Look REO Strategy Helps Home Prices Find a Floor Faster
September 15, 2010Stigma Surrounds Homeownership. Emotional Currency Undervalued
July 01, 2010Mitigating Housing Losses Using Short Sales Exacerbates Home Price Problem
May 21, 2010Special Servicers More Motivated to Mitigate Housing Losses
May 11, 2010Fannie Mae Loan Buyback Requests Up More Than 60% Year Over Year
April 26, 2010GSEs Able to Bypass Bureaucracy on Road to Resolution
March 18, 2010Shortening the Short Sale Timeline: Broker Price Opinions
January 04, 2010Treasury Should be Reliant on Ginnie Mae and FHA to Backstop Housing
December 29, 2009GSE Loan File Auditors Needed
December 04, 200910 Reasons for the Housing Market to be Thankful (But Scare the Hell Out of Me Nonetheless)
November 30, 2009Will Pressuring Loan Servicers Be Counterproductive?
November 10, 2009BEWARE: GSEs Strictly Enforcing Lender Loan Repurchase Agreements
November 05, 2009Homebuyer Tax Credit is Net Positive, But Not the Universal Solution
October 08, 2009A Deeper Look: GSEs Lend a Hand to Independent Mortgage Bankers
September 16, 2009Fannie Mae’s Herculean Challenge
January 25, 2009Yet another enigma for financial institutions…