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September 06, 2017#Hurricane Warning: #Florida Worries as #Houston Rebuilds
September 01, 2017#LaborDay 2017: Working Harder for that #Home Down Payment
August 30, 2017#Hurricane Harvey, #Housing, #Houston & the Aftermath
August 29, 2017Collingwood Group Special Report: Hurricane Harvey & Housing
August 09, 2017Warnings of Another #Taxpayer Bailout Ahead for @FannieMae, @FreddieMac
July 28, 2017More #Renters Expected to Buy #Homes This Year
July 26, 2017#Home Sales Fizzle as Supply of #Houses for Sale Drops Even Lower
July 24, 2017@FannieMae & @FreddieMac Would Be Privatized Under Proposed Budget
July 21, 2017Location, Location, Location — Maybe Not
July 17, 2017Americans Hoarding #Money in Banks, So, Why Aren't More People Buying #Homes
July 10, 2017#HelpWanted — Good, Bad or Ugly for #Millennials; #Housing & #Mortgage Industries?
July 07, 2017Changes to Credit Scoring Good for #Housing, #Mortgage Industries & #Homebuyers
June 14, 2017Mortgage Regulation Revamp Proposed by Treasury Department
June 09, 2017#Housing Market Soaring: 'Blame' #Millennials
April 27, 2017Popping #Bubbles: How to Keep #Housing Market HOT
April 26, 2017#Home Sales Through the Roof, D.C. Needs to Cut #Regulations to Keep This Going
April 25, 2017#Home Sales On Fire
April 21, 2017This #Robot Wants to Lend Money — Is YOUR #Mortgage Business in Trouble
April 20, 2017#Mortgages Lowest in Five Months, So Why Are There So Few Takers
April 19, 2017#Housing Starts Lower, But #Millennials 'Itching' to Buy
April 18, 2017#Millennials Crave American Dream of #HomeOwnership
April 17, 2017JPM’s Jamie Dimon: Blame #Regulation for American Dream Turning to #Housing Nightmare
April 07, 2017$277 Billion: Collingwood Group Outrage Number of the Day
April 06, 2017Trump Administration’s Housing Conundrum
April 05, 2017Collingwood's Rood to FBN's Cavuto: Ready, Willing ... but Lack of Inventory Holding Back #Home Buyers
March 29, 2017#Home Prices Through the Roof (Again)
March 28, 2017Adapt YOUR #BUSINESS or be Taken Over By the #Robots
March 27, 2017Homebuyers Again Turning to Adjustable Rate Mortgages
March 24, 2017New #Home Sales Through the Roof as #Mortgages Dip
March 23, 2017New #Home Sales Through the Roof
March 22, 2017Key #Home Sales Data Ahead - Collingwood Group Chmn Tim Rood joins FBN’s Cavuto
March 21, 2017Consumer Watchdog #CFPB in #Congressional CrossHairs
March 20, 2017Jobs Boom Fuels Bidding War on Record-Low #Home Supply as #Spring Buying Season Blooms
March 14, 2017#Snow Business, + This time the #Fed Means #Business w/ Higher #Mortgages Ahead
March 13, 2017(#Housing) Size Matters or Does It? #Fed Rate Hike Imminent
March 02, 2017#Home Owners Would Rather Fix it, Then Move
February 21, 2017#Mortgage Rates Set to Jump - What Now?
January 12, 2017@realbenCarson Confirmation Hearing Day
January 03, 2017#Housing Outlook Brightens for this Year Despite Higher #Mortgages
December 21, 2016Early Christmas Gift for #Housing Industry: #Economic Confidence at 9-Year High
December 16, 2016#Home Prices Through the Roof Posting Biggest Gain in 14 Months
December 15, 2016Time for Office of #National Housing Policy & Is the #Mortgage Rate Party Over
December 14, 2016How Rising #Mortgage Rates May Not Matter for #Housing
December 13, 2016Fed’s Rate Increase Could Threaten #Housing Demand in 2017
December 12, 2016Fannie, Freddie Privatization: Don’t Hold Your Breath, but Alternative is "Groundhog Day"
December 09, 2016The Trump Effect: #Mortgages Hit New 2016 Highs
December 08, 2016Inside @realDonaldTrump Economic Team Meeting
December 07, 2016Inside Word from @realDonaldTrump Economic Team Meeting
December 06, 2016Carson Conundrum
December 05, 2016BREAKING NEWS: Trump Picks Ben Carson as HUD Secretary
November 10, 2016Trump’s Chance at Repairing The American Dream of #Housing
November 08, 2016#Election Day Special Report - #Housing & the #Presidency
October 24, 2016Why @realDonaldTrump @HillaryClinton Aren't Getting More #Mortgage Industry Money
September 23, 2016Collingwood News Update: How to Move #Home Sales Out of the Basement
May 27, 2016Chairman, Tim Rood, Discusses Trump/Clinton Housing Feud with Neil Cavuto
February 23, 2016Tim Rood Discusses Existing-Home Sales
January 22, 2016Tim Rood Discusses Surge in Existing-Home Sales
January 22, 2016Snowmageddon, Key Housing Number, Lower Mortgage Rates
January 21, 2016Falling Oil Prices and Housing Value, All About 'Location, Location, Location'
January 20, 2016Real Estate Tech - Boom or Bust
January 19, 2016Housing to the Rescue of Stock Markets
January 15, 2016Goldman to Pay $5 Billion Over Mortgage Bonds
January 14, 2016Feds Crack Down on Luxury All-Cash Real Estate Sales
January 13, 2016Home Prices Slip On Oil Slide
January 11, is now Ten-X, Playboy Mansion for Sale
December 23, 2015Rood Gives November New Home Sales Golf Clap
December 10, 2015Movie “The Big Short” Inspires Debate Featuring Collingwood Group Chairman Tim Rood
November 30, 2015Will the Fed Be the Grinch that Ruins the Mortgage Market?
October 22, 2015Tom Booker Discusses Housing Market on One Radio Network
September 21, 2015Yellen Can't Get off The Drug of Zero Interest Rates
September 02, 2015Market Impact On Housing
August 21, 2015Loans For Low-Income Buyers
August 05, 2015Are Banks Getting Into Jumbo trouble?
July 22, 2015Existing Home Sales Soar; American Dream Alive and Well for Millennials
July 20, 2015Bidding Wars Are Back
July 17, 2015Millennials Saving for Home Ownership
June 03, 2015The Housing Sales Roller Coaster
May 11, 2015Trusting Real Estate
April 22, 2015Housing Springs Back in March
April 02, 2015Housing Bailout Warning
February 15, 2015Singles Hurting Housing
February 03, 2015Millennial Housing Boom Ahead?
January 08, 2015Bullish Housing Signals?
December 22, 2014Housing in 2015
December 11, 2014Mortgage Rates at Record Low: Is Now the Time to Lock In?
November 07, 2014Election Impact on Housing
November 03, 2014What's Hampering Housing?
October 25, 2014Government Loosens Lending
October 08, 2014Increased Mortgage Regulations are Hurting the Housing Industry
September 30, 2014July Case-Shiller 20 City Home Prices Up 6.7% VS. Year Ago
September 18, 2014Did The Fed Squeeze Housing?
September 09, 2014Lenders Hesitant to Lend Cash Because of Mortgage Regulations
August 28, 2014If Realtors aren't enthusiastic about the housing market, then who is?
August 25, 2014How Much Does the Housing Market Depend on Low Interest Rates?
August 22, 2014Unintended Consequences of Low Interest Rates
July 28, 2014Zillow to Buy Trulia For $3.5B
July 01, 2014U.S. Economic Health Check: The Housing Market
June 13, 2014Crowdfunding Expands to Real Estate Investments
May 15, 2014Rising Home Prices Push More Middle Class Out of the Housing Market
May 13, 2014A Userguide to Spring's Real Estate
May 09, 2014Reasons To Believe In Housing
May 09, 2014Tim Rood Interview with Andrew Wilkow
March 26, 2014Housing on Shaky Ground?
March 18, 2014Adjustable-Rate Mortgages Making A Comeback--Time To Worry?
March 13, 2014Unwinding Fannie & Freddie
January 25, 2014Number to Watch: Existing Home Sales
January 20, 2014Housing Hot Spots
January 15, 2014U.S. Housing a 'Perverted Success Story': Rood
January 13, 20142014 Housing Market
December 26, 2013How Strong is the Housing Recovery?
November 27, 2013CNBC Asia's "Realty Check"
November 26, 2013US Housing Market is Still "Red Hot," Rood Says
November 26, 2013Housing Recovery
November 19, 2013What the big guys on Wall Street are buying
November 15, 2013Tim Rood on CNBC's "Tomorrow in :30" November 14, 2013
November 04, 2013Is the Housing Market Rebounding?
October 23, 2013Tim Rood on Bloomberg Radio
October 17, 2013Tim Rood on CNBC's "Tomorrow in :30"
September 25, 2013Tim Rood on CNBC's "Tomorrow in :30"
September 23, 2013Wealth Strategies: Post Fed, What's Next for Housing?
September 20, 2013Is the Gain in U.S. Home Sales Temporary?
August 30, 2013Tim Rood on CNBC's "Tomorrow in :30"
August 19, 2013Surprise! Detroit among the best housing markets to invest in
July 24, 2013What is Government's Role in Housing
July 17, 2013Tim Rood on CNBC's "Tomorrow in :30"
June 26, 2013Is It Time to Do Away With Fannie and Freddie?
June 25, 2013Are We Creating the Next Housing Bubble?
June 12, 2013Fannie, Freddie Shareholders Take On U.S. Govt.
May 23, 2013Tim Rood on CNBC's Tomorrow In: 30
May 12, 2013Obama Names Rep. Watt as Fannie Mae Regulator
May 08, 2013A Sustainable Housing Recovery?
May 02, 2013Obama Names Rep. Watt as Fannie Mae Regulator
April 09, 2013How Housing's Past Is Haunting the Present Market
April 09, 2013How Housing’s Past Is Haunting the Present Market
April 02, 2013Bloomberg: Fannie Mae’s Big Comeback Story
March 25, 2013Tim Rood on CNBC’s "Tomorrow In :30" – March 2013
February 07, 2013Tim Rood on CNBC's Tomorrow In :30 - February 2013