September 11, 2017@Fanniemae, @Freddiemac's Unhappy Anniversary Remembrance; #HurricaneIrma Wallops #Florida 
September 08, 2017#HurricaneIrma Targets #Florida
September 06, 2017#Hurricane Warning: #Florida Worries as #Houston Rebuilds
September 01, 2017#LaborDay 2017: Working Harder for that #Home Down Payment
August 30, 2017#Hurricane Harvey, #Housing, #Houston & the Aftermath
August 29, 2017Collingwood Group Special Report: Hurricane Harvey & Housing
August 16, 2017#Home Equity Fuels #Businesses
August 14, 2017Baby #Boomers Not Selling Are Choking the #Housing Market
August 11, 2017Fix FICO Fast
August 09, 2017Warnings of Another #Taxpayer Bailout Ahead for @FannieMae, @FreddieMac
August 07, 2017More People Buying a #Home Without Even Visiting It
August 04, 2017Rising #Mortgage Risk With Fewer #Homes for Sale
August 02, 2017@Potus Adviser Calls for Firing of #CFPB Chief
July 31, 2017#Fintech Next to be Regulated? & Fed, "Schmed!" #Mortgage Rates Go Lower
July 28, 2017More #Renters Expected to Buy #Homes This Year
July 26, 2017#Home Sales Fizzle as Supply of #Houses for Sale Drops Even Lower
July 24, 2017@FannieMae & @FreddieMac Would Be Privatized Under Proposed Budget
July 21, 2017Location, Location, Location — Maybe Not
July 19, 2017Wake-Up Call to #Mortgage Industry: #Millennials Crowdfunding #Homes
July 17, 2017Americans Hoarding #Money in Banks, So, Why Aren't More People Buying #Homes
July 14, 2017The Next Jobs Humans Lose to #Robots #RealEstate Appraiser
July 12, 2017#Home Buying Easier for #Millennials, First-Timers as Credit Scores Hit New Highs
July 10, 2017#HelpWanted — Good, Bad or Ugly for #Millennials; #Housing & #Mortgage Industries?
July 07, 2017Changes to Credit Scoring Good for #Housing, #Mortgage Industries & #Homebuyers
July 05, 2017Launch the Fireworks Again: Changing Credit Scores Benefit #Mortgage, #Housing Industries
June 30, 2017Overhauling @Fanniemae & @Freddiemac - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
June 28, 2017Situs RERC Releases Q1 2017 Real Estate Report
June 26, 2017Home Sales Skyrocketing
June 23, 2017Home Sales Through the Roof, but Inventory Problems Mount
June 19, 2017Key #Housing Numbers Ahead
June 16, 2017As Big-City Rents Head Lower, Worries Continue For Real Estate, Mortgage Industries
June 14, 2017Mortgage Regulation Revamp Proposed by Treasury Department
June 12, 2017#Mortgage #Banking Woes
June 09, 2017#Housing Market Soaring: 'Blame' #Millennials
June 07, 2017@Potus' Infrastructure Plan Could Benefit #Housing, #Mortgage #Real Estate Industries
June 05, 2017Housing Market's Catch-22
June 02, 2017Americans Taking Cash Out of Their Homes
May 26, 2017Housing Sales Cool Down Ahead of Summer
April 27, 2017Popping #Bubbles: How to Keep #Housing Market HOT
April 25, 2017#Home Sales On Fire
April 21, 2017This #Robot Wants to Lend Money — Is YOUR #Mortgage Business in Trouble
April 20, 2017#Mortgages Lowest in Five Months, So Why Are There So Few Takers
April 19, 2017#Housing Starts Lower, But #Millennials 'Itching' to Buy
April 18, 2017#Millennials Crave American Dream of #HomeOwnership
April 17, 2017JPM’s Jamie Dimon: Blame #Regulation for American Dream Turning to #Housing Nightmare
April 07, 2017$277 Billion: Collingwood Group Outrage Number of the Day
April 06, 2017Trump Administration’s Housing Conundrum
April 05, 2017Collingwood's Rood to FBN's Cavuto: Ready, Willing ... but Lack of Inventory Holding Back #Home Buyers
April 04, 2017Buying a #Home This Spring is Hardest in Years
April 03, 2017#Millennial Malaise: 'Gen Y' May be Stuck Renting Housing All Their Lives
March 31, 2017Focus: Fannie, Freddie Fix
March 29, 2017#Home Prices Through the Roof (Again)
March 28, 2017Adapt YOUR #BUSINESS or be Taken Over By the #Robots
March 27, 2017Homebuyers Again Turning to Adjustable Rate Mortgages
March 24, 2017New #Home Sales Through the Roof as #Mortgages Dip
March 23, 2017New #Home Sales Through the Roof
March 22, 2017Key #Home Sales Data Ahead - Collingwood Group Chmn Tim Rood joins FBN’s Cavuto
March 21, 2017Consumer Watchdog #CFPB in #Congressional CrossHairs
March 20, 2017Jobs Boom Fuels Bidding War on Record-Low #Home Supply as #Spring Buying Season Blooms
March 17, 2017Less Green On St. Pat's Day: #Mortgage Loan Growth Slowing
March 16, 2017Why #FED Hike May Actually be GOOD for Key Spring #Home Selling Season
March 15, 2017Forget #Snow & #Fed -- #Spring Has Sprung For #Housing Market
March 14, 2017#Snow Business, + This time the #Fed Means #Business w/ Higher #Mortgages Ahead
March 13, 2017(#Housing) Size Matters or Does It? #Fed Rate Hike Imminent
March 10, 2017#HelpWanted!: Hiring Surges, #Job Cuts Fall
March 09, 2017#Jobs Blow Out!
March 08, 2017Happy Days are Here Again: Confidence in #Housing Hits All-Time High
March 07, 2017Spring #Home Buying Season: The Sun Could Shine
March 06, 2017Americans Want to Downsize Not Supersize Their #Homes & Ready or Not, Here Comes #Fed Rate Increase
March 03, 2017@realBenCarson Gets to Work & Surprise: #Mortgage Rates Move Lower
March 02, 2017#Home Owners Would Rather Fix it, Then Move
March 01, 2017For #Millennials Ready to Buy a #Home, the Pickings are Slim
February 28, 2017Cloudy Forecast for Key Spring #Home Selling Season - Pending Sales in Basement
February 27, 2017The Collingwood Group Hails @Potus Trump Order Cutting #RedTape
February 24, 2017Home Run for New Home Sales?
February 23, 2017Existing #Home Sales Thru the Roof to Decade High
February 22, 2017#Housing Recover Has Legs & Big Loss for Fannie/Freddie Shareholders
February 21, 2017#Mortgage Rates Set to Jump - What Now?
February 16, 2017#Mortgage Delinquencies Through the Roof
February 15, 2017Low #Mortgage Rate Party Over? & Reforming @FannieMae, @FreddieMac
February 14, 2017Happy #Valentine’sDay: Why #Housing is at the HEART of Your Economic Future
February 13, 2017How to do Away with Your #Mortgage: #House Sitting
February 10, 2017#Home Prices Through the Roof — Hit New Highs
February 09, 2017#Wedding Bell Blues: Unmarried Couples Buying #Homes
February 08, 2017#Housing Demand May Keep Market Afloat, Even if #Rates Rise
February 07, 2017The #Mortgage-Bond Whale Everyone Is Suddenly Worried About
February 06, 2017@potus Trump Targets #Bank, #Mortgage #Regulations
February 03, 2017#Jobs Report Could Provide Help to #Housing & #Mortgage Industries
February 02, 2017#GroundhogDay and Hope Springs Eternal for Key #Home Buying Season
February 01, 2017Mortgage Bankers Call for End of Government Control of @FannieMae, @FreddieMac
January 31, 2017Unraveling the Dodd-Frank #Banking, #Mortgage Law
January 30, 2017GOP Vows To Repeal #Bank, #Mortgage #Regulations
January 27, 2017New #Home Sales in the Basement...But
January 26, 2017#Home Price Through the Roof, but Lux in Flux
January 25, 2017Inventory of #Homes for Sale Hits 17-Yr Low: Carson Moves Forward @HUD Sec'y
January 24, 2017Home Sales Through the Roof?; Key Confirmation Vote for Carson at HUD
January 23, 2017Trump Suspends #FHA Insurance Cut
January 20, 2017Inauguration Could Bring Needed Change for #Housing, #Mortgage Industries
January 19, 2017NY Fed Chief: Time for Homeowners to Tap into All That Equity, "Be Careful," says Collingwood Group Chairman
January 18, 2017Key Confirmation Hearing for #Housing, #Mortgage Industries
January 17, 2017Florida Housing Official to Temporarily Lead @HUD
January 13, 2017@FannieMae, @FreddieMac & YOUR #Mortgage Under @realDonaldTrump
January 12, 2017@realbenCarson Confirmation Hearing Day
January 11, 2017Quicken Loans Founder Accuses DOJ of Shakedown in #Mortgage Fight
January 10, 2017@realBenCarson Confirmation Conundrum
January 09, 2017#Jobs Report Little Help for #Housing, #Mortgage Industry
January 06, 2017Orlando Tops Ten-X Winter #Housing Markets
January 05, 2017As Go #Jobs, So Goes #Housing...and Both Seem to be Going Pretty Well
January 04, 2017#Construction Spending at Over Ten-Year High
January 03, 2017#Housing Outlook Brightens for this Year Despite Higher #Mortgages
December 21, 2016Early Christmas Gift for #Housing Industry: #Economic Confidence at 9-Year High
December 20, 2016#Home Builder Results Thru the Roof
December 19, 2016#Renting: a Better Choice Now Than Buying a #Home
December 16, 2016#Home Prices Through the Roof Posting Biggest Gain in 14 Months
December 15, 2016Time for Office of #National Housing Policy & Is the #Mortgage Rate Party Over
December 14, 2016How Rising #Mortgage Rates May Not Matter for #Housing
December 13, 2016Fed’s Rate Increase Could Threaten #Housing Demand in 2017
December 12, 2016Fannie, Freddie Privatization: Don’t Hold Your Breath, but Alternative is "Groundhog Day"
December 09, 2016The Trump Effect: #Mortgages Hit New 2016 Highs
December 08, 2016Inside @realDonaldTrump Economic Team Meeting
December 07, 2016Inside Word from @realDonaldTrump Economic Team Meeting
December 06, 2016Carson Conundrum
December 05, 2016BREAKING NEWS: Trump Picks Ben Carson as HUD Secretary
December 02, 2016Mortgages Keep Going 'Higher and Higher' (with apologies to singer Jackie Wilson)
December 01, 2016Trump Treasury Secretary Vows to Save @FannieMae, @FreddieMac
November 30, 2016Raise the Roof: #Home Prices Climb To Record Highs
November 29, 2016#Home Prices in Six States Hit Records
November 28, 2016The 'Trump Effect’: Good, Bad or Ugly for Housing & Mortgages
November 23, 2016#Housing Sales Through the Roof
November 22, 2016#Stock SuperFecta, but Forget About that #Mortgage #Refi for #Christmas
November 21, 2016@realDonaldTrump #Economic Team Appointments Could Come Today
November 18, 2016End to #Regulation Nation
November 17, 2016Higher #Mortgage Rates Due to @realDonaldTrump Election Mean Fewer Takers
November 16, 2016#Regulation Reversal - Good for #Housing, #Mortgages & #Millennials
November 15, 2016@realDonaldTrump Needs to Fix ‘American Dream’ Before it becomes ‘American Nightmare’
November 14, 2016@realDonaldTrump Election Pushing #Mortgage Rates Higher
November 11, 2016Thanks to Trump's Victory, Fannie/Freddie Stock Prices Soar
November 10, 2016Trump’s Chance at Repairing The American Dream of #Housing
November 09, 2016Donald Trump Elected: What Now for #Housing?
November 08, 2016#Election Day Special Report - #Housing & the #Presidency
November 07, 2016Federal Loan Limits Shut Out #Home Buyers & Election Special Report
November 04, 2016Special Report: #Election and #Housing
November 03, 2016Why Banks No Longer Make Bulk of #Home #Mortgage Loans
November 02, 2016#Home Owners Sitting Pretty: Equity Doubles in 5-Years, and Going Higher
November 01, 20162.5 Million Boomerang #Mortgage Borrowers Returning
October 31, 2016#Spooky for #Home Buyers: Sellers Waiting on the Sidelines for Higher Prices
October 28, 2016#Homeownership on the Rise, But, It's 'All About #Jobs Stupid'
October 27, 2016New Home Sales Rise In September, but Few Were Entry-Level Houses
October 26, 2016Good News on the HomeFront, But…
October 25, 2016Special Edition: Mortgage Bankers Association Convention & Expo
October 24, 2016Why @realDonaldTrump @HillaryClinton Aren't Getting More #Mortgage Industry Money
October 21, 2016Existing #Home Sales Soar, but Higher #Mortgages Threaten
October 20, 2016#Millennials Key to #Housing Market; #Trump's Childhood Home for Sale
October 19, 2016Trump vs. Clinton: Third and Final #Debate - Why #Housing Policy is Key
October 18, 2016Collingwood Group News Briefing: McMansions Reinvigorating Suburbs
October 17, 2016Collingwood Group News Update: #Millennial ‘Anxiety’ Sickening #Housing Market
October 14, 2016Collingwood Group News Update: #Housing: Like a ‘Phoenix’ Rising
October 13, 2016Collingwood Group News Update: #Mortgage Rates Higher, Applications for #Home #Loans Plummet
October 11, 2016The Collingwood Group News Update: Trump, Clinton Continue to Ignore #Housing Problems
October 07, 2016What Clinton, Trump Need to Do to Fix Housing - Lessons from The Collingwood Group Forum
October 06, 2016Collingwood Group News Update: Refis Push #Mortgage Applications Higher, But….
October 05, 2016Collingwood Group News Update: Why Millennials are Living Together (Get Your Mind out of the Gutter!)
October 04, 2016The Collingwood Group News Briefing: Why #Clinton, #Trump Need #Housing Policy
September 30, 2016As #Home Sales Cool Down for Fall, Why Low #Mortgage Rates Alone Won't Help
September 29, 2016Builders Making Big Money on Super-Bunkers, Spurred by Panic, Anxiety
September 28, 2016Collingwood News Update: After First Debate Candidates Need to Get Serious About #Housing
September 27, 2016Collingwood News Update: Clinton Attacks Trump Over #Housing in First #Debate
September 26, 2016Collingwood News Update: #Trump, #Clinton Must Address #Housing Problems During #Debate
September 23, 2016Collingwood News Update: How to Move #Home Sales Out of the Basement
September 22, 2016Collingwood Group News Update: #Fed Schmed, Next Pres. Needs to Fix #Housing
September 21, 2016Collingwood News Update: #Fed Watch: Will They or Won’t They?
September 20, 2016Starter #Homes Go the Way of Landline Phones
September 19, 2016#Rent’s Still Too Damn High
September 16, 2016#Mortgage Lenders More Profitable as Rates Go Thru the Roof
September 15, 2016Collingwood Group News Update: #Regulation Nation - How #Mortgage Servicers Can Prosper
September 14, 2016Collingwood Group News Update: The #Foreclosure #Generation
September 13, 2016Collingwood Group News Update: There He Goes Again - #Trump Claims #Fed Favors #Clinton
September 12, 2016Collingwood News Update: #Congress Considers Replacing #Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Law
September 09, 2016Collingwood Group News Briefing: #Women Better Than #Men at Paying #Mortgages
September 08, 2016Collingwood Group News Update: #Consumer Demand for #Housing Fading
September 07, 2016Collingwood News Update: One-in-Five #Home Buyers Make Offer Sight Unseen
September 06, 2016Is Your #Job Safe — #Driverless Cars, Trucks Coming
August 31, 2016#Home Prices Fall as #Consumers Gain Confidence
August 30, 2016Collingwood Group News Briefing: More #Millennials Supporting Parents, Good for Mutli-Generational #Housing
August 29, 2016Collingwood Morning News Briefing: #FinTech Danger - Hackers Target Cell Phones in Mobile Bank Heists
August 22, 2016Collingwood Morning News Briefing: Record 60.6 Million Americans Live With Mom, Dad, Grandma & Grandpa
August 18, 2016Can #Tech Make #Apartment Hunting Affordable?
August 17, 2016Collingwood Morning Update: #Home Depot Profits Rise as Americans Spend to Remodel #Houses Rather than Buy New Ones
August 16, 2016Collingwood Group Morning Update: Low Inventory of #Homes for Sale Threatens Industry
August 15, 2016Collingwood Morning News Update: Donald #Trump Could Pay NO Federal #Taxes Due to Real Estate Breaks
August 12, 2016Collingwood Morning News Update: What #Clinton & #Trump Need To Do to Fix #Housing
August 11, 2016Collingwood Group Morning Update: Median #Home Price Tops #Million Dollar Mark in a City For First Time Ever
August 10, 2016Collingwood Group Morning Update: #Clinton, Trump Raise the Roof on #Housing Policies
August 09, 2016Collingwood Group Morning Update: How #Trump’s Moratorium on New Financial Regulations Will Help #Housing
August 08, 2016Collingwood Group Morning Update: #Olympic #Housing, #Jobs. #Trump & #Zika
August 05, 2016Collingwood Morning Update: Mortgages, @FannieMae, #Regulation, #Trump
August 04, 2016Collingwood Group Morning Update: #Jobs Beat ‘Expert’ Forecasts -- a Plus for #Housing & #Mortgage Markets
August 03, 2016@FreddieMac’s Earning Surprise
August 02, 2016#Building Boom Going Bust
August 01, 2016The Collingwood Morning Update: #Housing, #Mortgage: The Future Is #FinTech
July 29, 2016Collingwood Group Morning Update: #Homeownership Lowest Since 1965 as #Presidential Campaign Begins
July 28, 2016U.S. Expands Program to Track Secret Buyers of Luxury #RealEstate
July 27, 2016New #Home Sales Through the Roof
July 26, 2016#DNC Hacking -- Is Your Corporate #Email Safe
July 25, 2016It’s the #Economy Stupid, but…
July 22, 2016It’s the Economy Stupid! -- #Home Sales Through the Roof
July 21, 2016Collingwood Group Morning Update: Key #Housing Data Due this Morning in Shadow of #Trump Speech
July 20, 2016Collingwood Group Morning Update: Would a President #Trump Break Up Big #Banks? #GOP Platform Calls for Return of Glass-Steagall
July 19, 2016Collingwood Group Morning Update: #Housing #Regulation: The More Things (Don’t) Change….The More They Remain the Same
July 18, 2016The Collingwood Morning Update: As #GOP Convention Begins, #Homebuyers' Concerns Grow
July 14, 2016Collingwood Group Morning Update: Senators Call for Investigation of #Airbnb Impact on #Housing Markets
July 13, 2016The Collingwood Morning Update: #Mortgage Rates: Party On!
July 12, 2016The Collingwood Group Morning Update: Less is More
July 11, 2016#Home Buying Surge Should Follow Monster #Job Growth
July 08, 2016Collingwood Group Morning Update: #Jobs Report Powers #Housing
July 07, 2016Collingwood Group Morning Update: #Mortgage Refi Party, Thanks to #Brexit
July 06, 2016Collingwood Morning News Briefing: Why #Millennials Can’t Afford #Homes - Guess How Much it Costs to Raise #Kids
July 05, 2016Collingwood Group Morning News Briefing: Slowdown in Shadow #Bank #Lending Tightens #Credit on Main Street
June 30, 2016Collingwood Group Morning Update: #Housing Market Skids on Lack of Inventory
June 29, 2016Collingwood Morning Update: Watch Out #Millennials, Now #Boomers are Coming for YOUR Rental #Apartments, Too
June 28, 2016Collingwood Group Morning Update: High #Home Prices Climbing Even Higher; Tougher for #Millennials to Get In
June 27, 2016Collingwood Group Morning Update: #Brexit Could Push U.S. #Housing, Commercial Real Estate Prices Through the Roof, #Mortgage Rates Near Record Lows
June 24, 2016Collingwood Morning Update: New #Home Sales Disappoint, Toughest on #Millennials & First-Time Buyers
June 23, 2016Collingwood Morning Update: #Rent's Too Damn High, #Home Prices are Too
June 22, 2016Collingwood Morning Update: It’s Still The (#Housing) #Economy, Stupid
June 21, 2016It's the (#Housing) #Economy, Stupid on this First Day of #Summer
June 20, 2016#FinTech Boom #Bubble or Bust - Special Report
June 15, 2016New #Regulation Target: #Lenders' #Digital Marketing #Compliance
June 14, 2016Better Get Connected — #Digital, #SocialNetworks Eating #Mortgage Business
June 13, 2016#CFPB Spending #TaxPayers' Money to Advertise its Message
June 10, 2016Oh Come Now... Housing Crisis Leading to Breakdown of Social Order?
June 09, 2016#Housing Set to Eat US Economy
June 09, 2016#Housing Set to Eat U.S. #Economy
June 08, 2016#Clinton, #Trump Win California Primary, but Where are They on #Housing Policy?
June 07, 2016#California #Primary Today - Why #Candidates’ #Housing Policy Matters
June 06, 2016#Mortgages for Debt-Ridden #Millennials - Too Good to Be True?
June 03, 2016Even Tougher to Get a #Mortgage
June 02, 2016#Trump University Taught How to Cash-In on #Mortgage Crisis
June 01, 2016#Housing #Bubble? - Don't Worry Be Happy!
May 31, 2016Sell Your #Home on this Last Day of #May and Go Away
May 27, 2016#Housing Industry Chases the Mythical #Millennial
May 26, 2016#Trump / #Clinton #Housing Feud Heats Up
May 25, 2016#Clinton Takes on #Trump for #Housing Bubble Comments
May 24, 2016New #Home Sales Biggest Jump in Nearly a Quarter Century
May 23, 2016It’s a $ellers #Housing Market - Will #Millennials Be Able to Buy In?
May 20, 2016American Dream of #Home Ownership is Nightmare for #Millennials & First-Time Buyers
May 19, 2016#Mortgage Demand Falls + #Trump, #Sanders Bad for #Housing
May 18, 2016Warning Sign In New #Home #Construction Report
May 17, 2016Builders Blame Increased #Regulation for Lack of New Affordable #Homes
May 16, 2016Despite the Cold Temps for Many -- Key Spring #Home Sales are Due
May 13, 2016#Mortgage Rate Hits 3-Year Low, While #HomeOwnership Numbers Head for Basement
May 12, 2016#Housing Secretary & Veep Hopeful Pushes #Millennial #Homeownership
May 11, 2016Go South (and West) Young Man to Invest in Commercial Real Estate
May 10, 2016#FinTech Troubles: Head of World’s Biggest Online #Lender Forced to Resign
May 09, 2016Why More #Millennials are Living #Home With #Mom, on this Day after #MothersDay
May 06, 2016#Mortgage Rates Near Yearly Low But #Millennials Still NOT Buying
May 05, 2016FinTech Moves On Mortgage Market
May 04, 2016Where @FreddieMac & @FannieMae Go From Here
May 03, 2016Taxpayer Bailouts Ahead for Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae?
May 02, 2016Another #TaxPayer Bailout for @FannieMae ?
April 29, 2016Why YOUR Company needs a Social Media Strategy:
April 28, 2016‘Bank of Mom And Dad’ Being Tapped Less for Millennial Home Purchases
April 27, 2016Freddie Mac Prepares for Climate Change
April 27, 2016Freddie Mac Warns Your House Can be UnderWater Literally
April 26, 2016'Experts' Wrong Again - Home Sales Down
April 25, 2016Buffett’s Business Empire - No, Not Warren Buffett
April 22, 2016Tough Times Ahead for Bankers
April 21, 2016Existing Home $ales Take Off Putting $queeze on First-Time Buyers
April 20, 2016Key Housing Numbers Due This Morning — Careful of Expert Predictions!
April 19, 2016NY Primary Today but Candidates Mostly Ignore Housing
April 18, 2016Helicopter House Hunting
April 15, 2016What Good are New Cheap Mortgages if YOU Can't Get Them
April 14, 2016Jamie Wants to Withdraw from the Mortgage Biz
April 13, 2016Fanniegate — What Did the Government Know and When Did it Know It
April 11, 2016Forget Millennials, It's Gen-X in the Housing Basement
April 08, 2016“Regulatory Jihad” Preventing Access to Cheap Mortgages
April 07, 2016Mortgage Loans Near 3 Year Low
April 06, 2016How About Living With the People You Work With
April 05, 2016You Won't Believe How Many Mortgages Are Still UnderWater
April 04, 2016Spring Housing Blossoms -- What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!?
April 01, 2016No April Fools — Best Housing Market in a Decade
March 31, 2016Get Used to It — the New Housing Normal
March 30, 2016Understanding Rising Home Prices
March 29, 2016Pending Home Sales Through the Roof - Highest Gains in a Year, But…
March 28, 2016No April Fools -- High Prices, Low Inventory a Problem for Spring Home Sales
March 24, 2016Go West Young Man Where New Homes are Selling
March 23, 2016Spring Home Sales Threatened with RainOut
March 22, 2016Weather & Presidential Politics Get Blame for Big Drop in Home Sales
March 21, 2016On This First Day of Spring Will Home Sales Shine?
March 18, 2016Guess Which Presidential Candidates' Supporters Have Worst Credit Scores
March 16, 2016Uber For Real Estate
March 15, 2016Home Sweet Loan
March 14, 2016The Five-Minute Loan
March 10, 2016Watch Out Real Housewives, Here Come the Millennials
March 09, 2016Split-Level Housing Market
March 07, 2016Mortgages Moving Online
March 04, 2016Hottest Single-Family Housing Markets
March 03, 2016New Worries for Spring Home-Selling Season
March 02, 2016Office Disruptors Join Forbes Billionaires List
March 01, 2016Why Everyone Is Suddenly Talking About Trump Mortgage
February 26, 2016Rent’s Too Damn High, So One-in-Four Buy Home
February 25, 2016Truly Smart Home Within Reach
February 24, 2016Existing Home Sales Soar
February 23, 2016Raising the Roof on Housing
February 22, 2016Fannie Mae Reportedly at Risk of Needing a Bailout
February 22, 2016Fannie Mae Reportedly at Risk of Needing a Bailout
February 21, 2016Hot In South Florida: Housing
February 17, 2016Cheaper Mortgages for Fewer Homes
February 12, 2016Buy a Home for Your Valentine
February 11, 2016You Won't Believe Where Some NBA Stars Choose to Live
February 10, 2016Mortgage Loans Soar on Cheap Money
February 09, 2016Housing Bubble Fears
February 08, 2016Primary Housing
February 05, 2016Football, Finance for Friday
February 04, 2016Hollywood Takes on Mortgage and Housing Industries
February 03, 2016Fugeddaboutit: The Most Expensive Place to Live in the U.S.
February 02, 2016Groundhogs Day: Risky Mortgages Make a Comeback
February 01, 2016Luxury Apartment Even Has Pool with Underwater Speakers
January 29, 2016Home Price Declines: Blame the Robots!
January 28, 2016Forget Stocks, Buy a Home; Quicken's First Super Bowl Ad
January 27, 2016Home Prices Rise at Fastest Pace in 16-Months, but Mansion Sales Slow
January 26, 2016Home Prices Through the Roof
January 25, 2016Hope for First-Time Home Buyers
January 22, 2016Tom Booker Discusses Housing Market on Westwood Radio
January 22, 2016Snowmageddon, Key Housing Number, Lower Mortgage Rates
January 21, 2016Falling Oil Prices and Housing Value, All About 'Location, Location, Location'
January 20, 2016Real Estate Tech - Boom or Bust
January 19, 2016Housing to the Rescue of Stock Markets
January 15, 2016Goldman to Pay $5 Billion Over Mortgage Bonds
January 14, 2016Feds Crack Down on Luxury All-Cash Real Estate Sales
January 13, 2016Home Prices Slip On Oil Slide
January 12, 2016NYC No Longer Most Expensive Office Rental Market -- Find Out What City Is
January 11, 2016Auction.com is now Ten-X, Playboy Mansion for Sale
January 08, 2016With Markets Down Big Time, Housing May Be Better Investment
January 07, 2016Cheap Gas Pumping U.S. Housings, but China's Market Plunge Taking a Bite
January 04, 2016Will $79,000 Starter Homes Catch On?
December 23, 2015Regulation, The Grinch that Stole Existing Home Sales
December 22, 2015Christmas Gift from Congress to Housing Industry
December 21, 2015Banks Cozy Up to Online Lending Upstarts
December 18, 2015Why We Need to Rethink Housing as Families Change
December 17, 2015The Fed Awakens : What's Ahead for Mortgages/Housing
December 16, 2015Fed Increases Rates, 1st Time in Decade -- Effects on Housing/Mortgages:
December 16, 2015Financial Companies Need Podcasts to Reach Millennials
December 15, 2015Tiny Bank Behind OnLine Lending Boom
December 14, 2015Merry Christmas From the Fed: Here Comes a Rate Hike
December 11, 2015Stealing Houses in CyberSpace
December 10, 2015Hopes that Cheap Gasoline Will Fuel Home Sales
December 09, 2015$2 Million Jumbo Loan - No Money Down: Too Good to Be True?
December 08, 2015Affordable Housing Concerns; Renters Turn to Judge Judy
December 07, 2015Mortgage Sector Hiring Sags - Blame the Fed
December 04, 2015Cocktails Lure Millennials to Mortgages
December 03, 2015Quicken Threats & Suburban Mini-Cities
December 02, 2015SubPrime Mortgages ....they're baaaack!
December 01, 2015Mortgage Biz Threatened by Silicon Valley & Fed Increase
November 30, 2015Will the Fed Be the Grinch that Ruins the Mortgage Market?
October 22, 2015Tom Booker Discusses Housing Market on One Radio Network
October 16, 2015Taking the Pulse of Our Industry
September 21, 2015Yellen Can't Get off The Drug of Zero Interest Rates
September 02, 2015Market Impact On Housing
August 21, 2015Loans For Low-Income Buyers
August 05, 2015Are Banks Getting Into Jumbo trouble?
August 04, 2015Keeping the Word “Assistance” after Downpayment
August 03, 2015It’s Time For The CFPB to End Its War on the Financial Services Industry
July 29, 2015If it Walks Like a Duck, and Talks Like a Duck - It Should Be Paid Like a Duck
July 22, 2015Existing Home Sales Soar; American Dream Alive and Well for Millennials
July 20, 2015Bidding Wars Are Back
July 17, 2015Millennials Saving for Home Ownership
July 01, 2015There's A Reason To Not Be Excited About Housing
June 03, 2015The Housing Sales Roller Coaster
May 11, 2015Trusting Real Estate
April 28, 2015Rise of the Cash-Out Refi
April 24, 2015Millennial Housing Dilemma
April 22, 2015Housing Springs Back in March
April 02, 2015Housing Bailout Warning
March 26, 2015Risk Sharing Transactions Could Be The Answer For Housing
March 23, 2015Dear Congress: It's Time To Reign In Dodd-Frank
March 17, 2015Despite Groans About Over Regulation, Mortgage Industry Not Willing to Pay For Relief
March 12, 2015Tempered Optimism Persists for Mortgage Business
March 09, 2015#Fanniegate: Will Private Capital Dry Up In The Absence of GSE reform?
March 03, 2015Millennial Housing Problem Not Going Away
February 11, 2015Putting Homeownership Where the Heart is for Valentine’s Day
January 29, 2015Home Ownership in the Basement, at 20-Year Low
January 08, 2015Bullish Housing Signals?
December 22, 2014Housing in 2015
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